Deck Staining Services

Is your deck looking old and tired? If you’re like most of us and spending more time at home, your outdoor space should be as beautiful and well-kept as spaces inside your home.

Deck staining in Toronto requires the right expertise, skills and professional tools. After all, the weather is very damaging to surfaces, and people and pets can cause wear and tear which needs special servicing.

Get Longer Lasting Results with the Highest Quality of Deck Staining

Decks in Toronto need consistent maintenance to remain attractive season after season – but it shouldn’t be every season. The right deck staining should last… and protect your deck from the glare of UV rays, extreme temperatures, insects, rot and other threats.

At Burgess Curl, our experts ensure proper preparation of the deck surface prior to staining. We power wash your deck and sand if required. We also make sure the bond between the wood and protective finish is strong enough to last for years to come. We also use only the best tools and staining products to give you the aesthetic and durable effects you want!

Semi Transparant or Solid – What’s Your Preference?


A solid deck stain means you can pick a colour of your choice and cover the whole deck surface. It works the same way house paint does.


A semi-transparent deck provides that finished look while still highlighting the deck’s wood grain. If you have beautiful wood, let it shine through.

Not sure which one is right for you?

Get a professional opinion from a top Toronto painting company who has extensive experience working with all sorts of decks exposed to harsh Toronto weather.

We Guarantee Our Work.

Ask about our 3-Year “Curlantee”

All work done by Burgess Curl is 100% guaranteed. The job isn’t finished until you are 100% satisfied. With the mastery of our deck experts and our painters you can rest easy. We’re also confident in our work because we use only the best products, top-quality brand names like Pittsburgh Paint, Sherwin Williams, Cloverdale and Benjamin Moore enable us to achieve the level of excellence that we’re so proud of. And offer a very rare 3-year guarantee on most jobs.

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Health and Safety Matters

In light of COVID-19, we’ve invested in additional protective measures for your safety and ours. We’ve always operated by the motto “Think Safety. Paint Safely”. That means every project we undertake is a safe experience for everyone involved.

No students or juniors.

All of our Toronto painters are experienced, knowledgeable and friendly professionals who won’t rest until your job is done right.